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“Urological Nursing - A World of Opportunity"

Across both days of the conference there will be (TBC) hours of formal education, for the purposes of CPD, awarded by the Royal College of Pathologists.

Delegate registration fees frozen at 2020 prices


PLEASE NOTE:  you must be an NMC registered nurse registered in the UK to qualify for full membership

Please note, you cannot proceed with your registration until you have one of the following in place: 

  • Purchase order number to request an invoice;
  • Credit/debit card to make payment online;
  • Email: accounts@fitwise.co.uk or Tel: 01506 292 027
To view the terms and conditions of registration prior to beginning your registration click here.
BAUN acknowledges the limitations on funding for conference this year and will be looking at further opportunities where we can, to support this transition. So don’t let this put you off attending the main urology event of the year as there are many other alternatives that can be explored.
The most straight forward way is self-funding 
Check if your own NHS Trust has received funding via a specific Educational Grant for the conference attendance
If you have historically been funded by a specific company, be proactive and approach them yourself to see whether they have any educational grants on offer
If applicable, you must have funding in place prior to processing your registration.

Having difficulty registering using the registration link provided above?

If you are using Internet Explorer and the link provided above does not work, please copy and paste the link into your browser address bar and hit return.  If this still does not work this is due to the increased security on the registration website being incompatibles with your NHS browser which is caused by low security settings on your NHS server.  To counteract this please paste the link into a Google Chrome or Firefox web browser. 
If you are still experiencing difficulties please contact us on 01506 292042 or email events@fitwise.co.uk



Who attended the BAUN Conference 2022?

Listed below are just some of the roles held by delegates who attended in 2022

Uro Oncology Nurse
Urology Nurse Practitioner
Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist
Theatre Practitioner
Senior Urology Nurse Practitioner
Uro Oncology CNS
Nurse Specialists
Research Nurse
Urology CNS
Urology Specialist Nurse
Staff Nurse
Advanced Urology Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Consultant
Continence Nurse Specialist
Urology Unit Manager
Urodynamics Nurse
Urology Ward Deputy Manager
Lithotripsy Sister
Macmillan Uro-oncology CNS
Clinical Governance Lead
Prostate cancer Specialist Nurse
Nurse Advisor
Uro Gynaecology CNS
Urology & Stoma Nurse Specialist
Registered Nurse

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