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NMC Registered nurse with an interest in urology

Associate Member

Any healthcare professional with an interest in urology who is not registered with the NMC

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Company with an interest in urology
£1500 (+VAT)

Retired Member

Member of BAUN who is now retired.
£free but must provide proof no longer working

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Paying for your BAUN membership has never been easier with our online Direct Debit form. It only takes a minute or two, there is no need to post anything, it is securely hosted by Go Cardless, you will receive notification before payments are made, and you can view you payment history online, or cancel your Direct Debit at any time. Simply select your membership (Direct Debit Payments) and the Direct Debit payment option on the online membership application form (click the "Register Online ..." button.above).

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Why become a BAUN Member?

The association, which was founded in 1995, aims to promote and maintain high standards in the practice and development of urological nursing. The BAUN Council consists of 15 members to include representation from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The Executive Officers of the association are President, Secretary and Treasurer. The President's post is held for a period of three years and council members are elected for a period of three years. Council members may stand for a second term of office.

With the ongoing development of the role of the urology nurse/practitioner the association recognises the need to put into place opportunities for professional development. This includes participation in project teams and the production of standards documents on a wide range of urology issues. There is also a newsletter publication, issued five times per year, aimed at keeping members updated on important urology information.

The membership of the association represents a significant proportion of nurses working within urology. As a member you will have the opportunity to participate in BAUN and contribute to its development with access to professional advice on matters relating to all aspects of urology together with a wide network of contacts working in the same or a related field.

Membership Fees - Annual Subscription

On joining, the annual subscription becomes renewable yearly thereafter from the 1st day of the month of joining. A subscription reminder will be sent out 4 weeks prior to the due date.

If you would like further information please contact us on baun@fitwise.co.uk

Membership fees are payable online, or by Direct Debit as a single payment or by two installments if preferred.

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