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Coloplast develop products to support people with intimate healthcare needs such as SpeediCath, Conveen Optima, and Peristeen whilst providing the service Charter- Care Delivered, which together provide support to thousands of people every day. 






At Hunter Urology, we aim to ease bladder functional concerns and concentrate on Intermittent Self-Catheterisation (ISC) / Clean Intermittent Catheterisation (CIC) for patients and Urology Healthcare Providers.  Our products are made with end users interests’ in mind to enable patients, in the most comfortable way possible, to drain their bladder or help them with the removal of urethral strictures.  

Hunter Urology offers a delivery service to all Professional Urology Healthcare Providers. Samples requested before 1pm will be delivered the next working day via courier.  









B.  Braun Medical Ltd is a member of the B. Braun Group, one of the world’s leading  healthcare  companies.  B. Braun manufactures and distributes on a global basis, employing more than 50,000 people worldwide.

Our  global message – Sharing Expertise – clearly identifies our philosophy of  the  transfer  of  knowledge.   In  175  years  of development, we have acquired  a  wealth  of knowledge that we can share with those who bear the responsibility for healthcare and associated services.

B. Braun offers healthcare professionals and hospitals an outstanding range of products, from our world renowned surgical instruments to our innovative implants   and   intermittent   catheters,  these  are  all matched  by  a comprehensive range of high quality services. Our  ability  to  develop  innovative  products,  services  and systems, in partnership  with  healthcare  professionals,  hospitals,  universities and other  specialist  bodies reflects on our commitment and promise of Sharing Expertise.






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iMEDicare Ltd is a dynamic and rapidly growing Medical Device Distributor (established 2004) offering an exciting range of unique and market leading medical products for patient use in the fields of Urology and Continence Management / Treatment throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our motto is Pelvic Health Naturally – premised on the ability of living tissues to react positively to clinically approved therapeutic measures in a pelvic health context.

We offer a unique blend of professional and patient product training in Clinical and Home environments which are designed to improve individual product customizability, user uptake and long-term patient compliance and satisfaction.




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Optimum Medical are specialists in healthcare lubricant gels and urology products. We’re proud to say that our products are trusted by clinicians across every NHS hospital in the UK and sold into over 60 countries around the world.

Our range of catheterisation jelly syringes gives clinicians a choice. Created due to clinician demand, the newest addition to our range is OptiLube Active CHG Free (with Lidocaine 2%). OptiLube Active CHG Free is the ideal choice of gel for patients who are sensitive to Chlorhexidine but can still benefit from the inclusion of Lidocaine 2%.

In addition to our catheterisation gels, our patient-focused Ugo Urology range provides a selection of catheter drainage and fixation devices – all designed to reduce the risk of pain, trauma and infection.