The BAUN Executive consists of a maximum of 11 members representing England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The Executive Officers of the association are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The President's post is held for a period of two years and Trustees are elected for a period of three years. Trustees may stand for a second term of office.

Current Trustees

President - Clare Waymont 2.jpgClare Waymont
BAUN President

Urology Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Clare qualified as a registered nurse in 1992 and moved to the field of urology in 1998. She joined a team of two other Advanced Nurse Practitioners in Wolverhampton and achieved an MSc in Advanced Practice in 2002 subsequently becoming an independent prescriber. She has trained in performing prostate biopsies and now carries out two clinics weekly. Clare now leads and manages a team of eight Urology Specialist Nurses including a Urology Hospital at Home Service. Her role is predominately concerned with prostate cancer and she provides nurse led clinics investigating men with suspected prostate cancer, performs prostate biopsies, runs prostate cancer follow up clinics and provides support for patients following a diagnosis of urological cancer. Her passion is to push the boundaries of advanced practice in order to respond to the needs of the patient and she is actively involved in the business and strategic planning of her local urology service.



Sarah Hillery.45.jpg

Sarah Hillery
BAUN Vice President, Fundraising Lead and Newsletter Editor

Lead Nurse Urology & Advanced Nurse Practitioner
York & Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Sarah Hillery is Urology Lead Nurse and ANP at York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She has worked in urology for over 20 years. Sarah’s  clinical activities comprise a range of urology diagnostic services including prostate biopsy, flexible cystoscopy and Botox intravesical injections. She has specialist interests in continence, bladder pain syndrome and recurrent UTI. Holding an MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice, Sarah is an RCN credentialed ANLP and independent prescriber.  

Dedicated to service improvement for patients, Sarah was nursing clinical and strategic lead in creating an award-winning diagnostic urology unit, fully designed around the patient experience. She is a published academic writer, presenter and a guest lecturer at the University of York.  Sarah is an enthusiastic advocate for advanced practice, professional development, networking, leadership and information sharing. 


EC 521 (1).jpgEmma Chappel
BAUN Honorary Secretary

Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Emma has worked in Urology at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust since 1997. Initially on the Urology Ward and since 2009 in her current role as Benign Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist. Her clinics include Nurse Led Urodynamics, Erectile dysfunction, ESWL, Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation and teaching of Clean Intermittent Self-Catheterisation and Dilatation. Emma has her MSc in Health Care Practice and is also a non-medical prescriber.




TN 522 (1).jpgTheresa Neale
BAUN Honorary Treasurer

Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Theresa is a Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist working at South Warwickshire Foundation Trust, Warwick. She has worked in Urology in the field of Urology for twenty eight years. She moved to Warwick in 2001 to take on the role of Urology CNS.  She undertakes a variety of nurse led clinics on a rotational basis with her two colleagues. Clinics sessions include both cancer and benign; Nurse led stone clinic, LUTS, Urodynamics, Intravesical,  haematuria, prostate cancer follow-up, Flexible Cystoscopy both diagnostic and follow ups. Theresa has recently completed training to undertake botox injections into the bladder and is about to embark on setting up her own clinic to administer the treatments. Theresa is a non medical prescriber.



TG 514 (1).jpgTina Gehring
BAUN Trustee and Deputy Treasurer
(previously Conference Organising Lead)

Urology Nurse Practitioner
Hampshire Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust

I have worked within the field of urology since 1995. I’m currently working as a Urology Nurse Practitioner at Hampshire Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust, I run independent nurse led clinics across 2 trust hospital sites, I’m a non-medical prescriber; my area of practice is mainly in benign urology running clinics within Men’s Health; Urodynamics and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms.  On one of the sites I lead the urology clinical nurse specialist team, delivering nurse led clinics in prostate; bladder; renal and testicular cancers. Also other benign services such as the renal colic pathway, intra vesicle treatments and flow rate clinics.  I run the corporate training for male catheterisation on one site and have talked at some of the benign BAUN study days, and other company meetings.


​​​​​Pauline Bagnall.jpgPauline Bagnall
BAUN Trustee Education Chair

Uro-oncology Nurse Specialist
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Pauline has been a urology specialist nurse for over 25 years. Initially a general urology nurse specialist then later becoming a uro-oncology nurse specialist., her specialist area of interest is prostate cancer.

Pauline has been performing flexible cystoscopies for over 20 years and last year she undertook further training and now perform diagnostic cystoscopies.  Pauline was hoping to undertake training to perform intravesical botox but unfortunately this has been deferred due to COVID-19 restrictions. Pauline also hopes to train 'to perform laser diathermy and start non-medical prescribing training in the near future. 

As a founder member, Pauline has supported and been supported by BAUN since it started twenty five years ago.  During this time, Pauline has benefitted from the support and educational opportunities offered by the organisation and the experience of being an active BAUN member has given Pauline the opportunity to develop a range of skills that she would not have done as part of her working role. These skills include being part of developing and leading BAUN Guidelines, leading the Education Group, representing BAUN on various national committees and as experience as a Trustee of the charity.

Pauline also has experience and knowledge of the role of a charity Trustee, including the legal responsibilities and believes that her previous tenure as a BAUN Trustee will be useful during the challenges of the next few years.

Pauline strongly believe in the value of BAUN's role in supporting urology nurses, particularly in terms of their educational activities and networking. 


Rachel Skews.jpgRachel Skews
BAUN Trustee and Conference Lead (previously Deputy Education Chair)

Urology Nurse Practitioner
North Bristol NHS Trust

Rachel has been qualified a nurse since 2001, Other than Urology she has dabbled in other areas of nursing such as medical admissions and the emergency department in Leeds where she learnt many useful skills and knowledge however she always headed back to urology

Rachel is currently a urology nurse practitioner; leading a team of 5 urology specialist nurses who all have specialist areas of interest.  They are not cancer nurse specialist (there are 8 of them who work separately) but deal with the rather unsexy side of urology, Rachel is a functional nurse and looks after patients with sexual and bladder dysfunction, no day is like another and I absolutely love my job and extended team with Bristol urology institute which is enormous. 

Rachel is clinically a nurse prescriber, cystoscopist, running her own botox lists and works on call once a week.

Rachel was also the nursing lead in the amalgamation of two urology departments within Bristol, then one year later was moved hospital sites and again she was chosen as the lead to move the whole urology department. 


Kelly Leonard.jpg

Kelly Leonard
BAUN Trustee

Senior Research Nurse, Cambridge University Hospital NHS Trust

Kelly has been a member of BAUN for the past 8 years after becoming a urology research nurse in 2011 and going on to manage a team of research nurses, research associates and project managers.  She has a total of 23 years nursing experience where she worked within oncology (palliative care, chemotherapy and specialist nurse roles) in both clinical and charity settings prior to her move into urology research.   Kelly was particularly interested in the vacancies available to become a BAUN trustee due to the ethos of the charity.  She has a particular passion for education, taking a proactive approach with her  colleagues and patients alike and when the opportunity arises, research. This ensures continued development for all stakeholders and enables her continued personal development.  Through education, real change can happen, empowering patients and colleagues alike who commit so much time to research.  BAUN promotes high standards of development, something she endeavours to endorse in her own practice as a research nurse, where she is excited to be part of the future of clinical findings.  Kelly is a dedicated person who is always eager for a challenge. She has extensive urology knowledge base which in her  current clinical role involves working in all areas of urology research (inclusive of reconstructive urology, urological cancers and stone disease). Working closely with the clinical teams she enjoys the camaraderie and being part of a team and working together generally gives better results delivering a better experience for all involved.


Janet PlaceJANET.40 V2.jpg

BAUN Trustee

Urology nurse practitioner /Urology sister, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals

Janet started  her career in nursing in 2000 and has worked within urology for her whole nursing career. She initially worked on a urology ward, and then moved to the urology out-patients department around 15 years ago. When asked why she chose to work in urology, Janet said "I fell into it, but then fell in love with it'.

Her current role is a dual role of nurse practitioner and departmental manager. As the lead urology nurse, she works closely with the clinical lead consultant to develop urological strategy, as well as day to day operational management  and is also responsible for LUTS and continence assessments, nurse led urodynamics, stent removals and botulinum toxin clinics. She has developed clinical skills training packages, introduced Standard Operational Procedures (SOP's) for various nurse led clinics and recently introduced a trust wide catheter policy.

Janet completed an MSc in advanced clinical practice in 2015. This included independent non-medical prescribing and advanced physical assessment and consultation skills. She has also been credentialed by the RCN as working at an Advanced level of nursing practice (ALNP) with all evidence related to benign urological practice.  Janet cares deeply about providing excellent urological care that really makes a difference. She believes that combining clinical experience with higher academic education and participating in CPD opportunities has been key in helping achieve her full potential. Many of Janet's learning opportunities have been facilitated by BAUN. Janet now actively encourages, supports and mentors junior urology nurses through clinical practice and education.  Being a member of BAUN has also helped Janet to develop, both personally and professionally. As a member of BAUN, she is part of network of urology nurses who come together to provide help and support to each other. This network is invaluable. 

As we emerge from the ongoing pandemic, the NHS has been forced to transform, as has BAUN. Many lessons have been learned within the delivery of urological care and are still being learned. Janet  is honoured to be elected as a BAUN trustee during this period of change.


Anthony Photo(1).jpgAnthony  Laurence Shanahan
BAUN Trustee

Urology Care Practitioner, Cwm Taf Morgannwg, University Health Board, Wales.

Anthony is a qualified Urology SCP, with over 15 years experience within a hospital surgical environment within the NHS in Wales. Anthony  undertakes a variety of roles, within the pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative phases of the urology surgical patients. He  works as part of a multi-disciplinary team, but also works on his own initiative to enhance and support the urology team, whilst ensuring that at all times patient care procedures and practices are adhered to.  

Anthony hopes to  support and enhance the committee with experiences and knowledge within a vast list of urology fields, such as Pre-assessments, Haematuria, Flexible cystoscopies, LUTS, ED, PSA and stones clinics. He has helped set up departmental protocols and policies enhancing the pathways for urology patients.His  specialised areas consist Theatres, Benign Penile conditions/ Andrology and Penile cancer.  He is a member of the South Wales supra-network MDT team treating patients with buried penis’s, peyrone’s disease and fertility. He is  also a Penile Cancer keyworker, providing support to all patients in South East Wales through their penile cancer diagnosis, treatment and surveillance.

Anthony suggests that a new supportive dimension that could be brought to the committee, would be theatre and theatre skills. Although  a fully trained first assistant, he is also competent at minor operation surgery, where he  performs procedure such as circumcisions, hydroceles and penile biopsies. If there were an increase number of SCP’s, his knowledge with training could help support the committee into training and knowledge based evidence for future urology SCP’s.


JB 523.jpg

Jane Brocksom
BAUN Immediate Past President & Co-Opted Member 

Lead Nurse for Urology .
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Jane has worked in the Urology speciality since 1996. Initially within the operating  theatres and since 2001 as a Urology Nurse Specialist. Her role today is primarily nurse led continence and benign Urology clinics - including intravesical Botox, artificial slings in men and women, artificial sphincters in men, sacral nerve stimulation, female sexual function, intermittant & indwelling catheters. She has a BHSc in Healthcare Studies from Leeds University.


Additional Post Holders:-

Journal Editors: Rachel Leaver (Editor in Chief), Jerome Marley (Associate Editor)

Trustee Documents

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