Thinking about joining BAUN Executive?

In each calendar year we look to recruit new Trustees. A proportion of the Trustees will each year find their term of office - 3 years - complete or be reapplying for a further term. Two consecutive terms of office can be applied for. All new appointments will be made public at the annual Conference AGM.

To apply to join BAUN Executive please email

Further information on BAUN Executive is available on the Guide to BAUN Executive below.

PDFGuide to BAUN Executive

Biannually we also look for nominations for the Vice President position.

If you wish to apply for this role please email For further information on the Vice President's role, please check out the Role Profiles here



This brief document seeks to outline the role of BAUN Exeutive and the Trustees who serve on the Executive and is presented to the membership for three main reasons:

  • To increase the transparent working of the BAUN Exec so that members may be better able to understand the running of the Association
  • To explain the roles and responsibilities of Trustee members and Officers
  • To encourage members to stand for election to BAUN Exec by providing an explanation of what is involved should they be elected

The purpose of BAUN Exec is to be the decision making body that guides the strategic direction of BAUN. At all times the Tuustees are mindful to ensure that the interests and opinions of the membership influence decisions taken and affirm that the sole reason for the existence of Executive is to support and represent the membership. The constitution, called the Memorandum and Articles of Association, is the key document that influences the actions of Executive and details the aims and objectives of BAUN. In the following pages issues key to the understanding of BAUN Executive and its Trustees will be explained. The explanation of roles offered here cannot be definitive and is intended only to offer guidance as to the minimum responsibilities associated with the roles.

BAUN Executive

BAUN Exec is composed of 11 full members who have been elected by those members of the Association eligible to vote. It is a stated aim of the Association that representation from all four countries within Great Britain is reflected within Exeuctive. Within Executive there are three Trustee positions; President, Secretary and Treasurer. All members of Executive are eligible to stand for appointment to any one of the Officer positions when such a vacancy arises. The election of Trustee members to an officers position is carried out within Executive.

Not-with-standing the roles of Officers, all Trustee members hold corporate responsibility and decisions of BAUN Exec are shared, accepted and owned by all Trustee members. All discussions within BAUN Exec are treated confidentially and then communicated to the membership as and when proper.

Term of Office of Trustee Members

As outlined in the Constitution the term of office of all Exec members is three years, after which they may stand again and seek re-election from the membership for a further period of three years. Should members serve for a six year period they must stand down for a three year period before standing for election again.

Attributes of Trutee Members

In order to carry out the work of BAUN Exec offer the following as key attributes. Trustees members will:

  • Be able to work within a team for the benefit for the Association
  • Be committed to the concept of multidisciplinary working
  • Be committed to playing their part in the formulation and review of the strategic aims and objectives of the Association
  • Be committed to working alone and within sub-committees Have access to email and computer facilities as a normal course of their daily working arrangements
  • Be easily contactable by telephone for BAUN business
  • Be prepared to represent BAUN when reasonably required to do so
  • Have an active interest in the financial standing of the Association
  • Have an active interest in post registration education

Availability for Trustees

Any member wishing to stand for election to BAUN Executive must obtain the support of his/her appropriate local manager. In all instances Trustees must sign a declaration agreeing to be available for the elected term of office. Employers should be provided with a copy of this agreement.

Time Commitment

As a minimum, six days per year are required to attend Trustee meetings. Further, up to four days may be required to attend sub-committee meetings and three days will be required to attend BAUN Conference. In order to ensure that BAUN is represented in other arena some time may be required in this regard. Trustees also need to ensure that they are able to devote sufficient time to prepare for Trustee meetings.


As a limited charitable company BAUN is obliged to meet all legal requirements under the Charity Act and the Companies Act and accordingly, trustees are able only to receive an honorarium for serving a term of office if this is authorised by the Charity Commission. However, all legitimate expenses shall be met for work carried out by members on Association business in line with the standard operating procedure for expenses outlined in the document SOP – Expenses. Trustees are required to keep expenses to a minimum.