BAUN Annual Conference 2015

Hilton Metropole, Brighton | 16th and 17th November

To celebrate BAUN's 20th anniversary, along with our regular awards we launched some new awards and also presented some special awards recognising the contribution of BAUN members.  Here is the full list of awards:

Julia Taylor.jpg

BAUN & TUF Urology Nurse of the Year Award

Julia Taylor, Consultant Nurse Urology,

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

With colleagues Julia conceived the idea of improving catheter care for patients and in particular reducing the incidence of catheter associated urinary tract infection (CaUTI) rates within the Trust. The drivers for the project were to reduce patient morbidity (and potentially mortality) and improve patient experience.

Julia’s key contributions focused on 3 phases of the project. In Phase 1 Julia oversaw an initial audit of Trust patients which demonstrated inadequate documentation of catheter insertion and care, poor understanding by nurses and doctors of numbers and indications for catheter management and thirdly ignorance of the potential risks associated with long term catheterization. In Phase 2 Julia developed a data analysis tool to obtain timely appropriate and accurate data on patients with catheters and validated this tool using quality improvement methodology. Phase 3 is ongoing. Under Julia’s leadership a culture of challenging nurses and doctors on the indications for appropriate catheter use is being undertaken, gaps identified, retraining provided and its impact evaluated.

Julia continues to encourage, enthuse and empower colleagues to regularly utilise ward level audit data and implement tests of change, whose impact can then be evaluated using the data performance tool. 


Rachel Leaver.jpgOutstanding Achievement Award for service to BAUN sponsored by Hollister

Rachel Leaver
Lecturer Practitioner - Urological Nursing
UCLH and London South Bank University
Editor - International Journal of Urological Nursing

Rachel is a Lecturer Practitioner at UCLH and London South Bank University.  A major part of her job is teaching post- registration nurses, running one of the only the urological nursing degree pathway in the UK at London South Bank University as well as masters modules in the topic. Rachel’s particular areas of expertise are reconstructive surgery and bladder cancer with a particular interest in urinary incontinence.

Rachel has been involved with BAUN for many years and continues to support the association, editing the BAUN newsletter, which thanks to her has grown over the years into the outstanding publication we have today.

Rachel was associate editor at the launch of the IJUN in 2006 and took over as editor in chief in 2012. This is the only peer reviewed international journal for urological nurses world wide and Rachel works tirelessly to encourage urological nurses to publish and develop the growth of knowledge in Urological nursing. 

As well as all this Rachel is also still in practice as a hands on nurse working with patients with bladder cancer who require intravesical chemotherapy or immunotherpy.

Thank you Rachel for your truly outstanding contribution to the development and growth of BAUN over the last 20 years.


Bruce Turner.jpgBAUN Outstanding Achievement Award for contribution to Urological Nursing Education 

Bruce Turner, Consultant Nurse Urology, Homerton Hospitals, London

Our education subgroup over the past few years have put together an amazing program of study days and have been instrumental in developing guidelines on flexible cystoscopy and TRUS biopsy- procedures that only the most reluctant of surgeons would now consider a doctor only procedure. The BAUN urological nursing education program has surpassed all the expectations we had back in 1995 when BAUN was formed. We are not only providing urological nursing education, we are leading it.

Over the past 3 years the program evolved beyond recognition and has been driven by one particular person. He has provided vision, passion, skill and huge amounts of time to ensure that our members have access to quality study days and guidelines all within a small budget. He is too modest to take the credit but everyone that works with him knows that none of it would have happened so effectively without his leadership.

Sarah Henderson Award.jpgSarah Henderson Award for Nursing Innovation

Carrie Burgess, Fidelma Cahill, Sarah Rudman, Nicola Peat, Janette Kinsella, Gincy George, Mieke Van Hemelrjck, Kings College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’s London

Awarded to the best poster presentation at BAUN annual conference:

A mixed method feasibility study evaluating the profiles and experiences of men with prostate cancer participating in an exercise intervention 

Best Oral Presentation

Christine Talboys

Standardising and streamlining the communication of histology results to patients with a new diagnosis of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC)

BAUN Hollister Nurse of the year.jpg

BAUN & Hollister ISC Nurse of the Year Award

To recognise the contributions of an outstanding nurse in the field of intermittent self - catheterisation

Winner - Catherine Lympany, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Runner-up - Sister Trea Baker , St Georges Hospital, London


BAUN TUF Urology Team of the Year.jpgBAUN & Coloplast Urology Team of the Year Award 2015

Gary Musgrove, Kaljit Kaur, Deb Nevin , Urology Nurse Practitioners, City Hospitals Sunderland

A team of three experienced Urology Nurse Practitioners were asked to set up an emergency Urology service in early December 2014 to support winter pressures within our hospital and to enable a better management of patient flow of patients with urology emergency presentations. The project was initially for only three months. This change was needed as other winter months have demonstrated much pressure on emergency departments within our organisation and increased waiting times within our A&E. The aim was to see and treat this group of patients immediately upon arrival and also contribute in improving A&E waiting times by diverting any urology presentations to Urology Nurse Practitioners. We named the unit Urology Rapid Access Unit (URAU)

By being able to show the success of our project we were able to obtain funding to continue URAU as a permanent service to compliment the organisations Urology directorate.

Best Stand Fight Bladder Cancer.jpgBest stand at BAUN Annual Conference 2015

Fight Bladder Cancer



Annual Conference and Exhibition 2015 Celebrating 20 years

Recognition of service to BAUN Awarded to Past Presidents Sponsored by Hollister

Sarah Heatley                                                     
1995 – 1997

Sarah Heatley started BURNS -the British Urology Research Nurse support group, the forerunner to BAUN, as a result of which other nurses working in Urology heard of this group and arranged a meeting in April 1995 to see if enough nurses were interested in forming a general association. The meeting was well attended and BAUN was the result. 


Mary Kirkham.jpgMary Kirkham                                
1997 - 2002 

Mary was one of the founding council members and the 2nd BAUN president after Sarah Heatley stood down in 1997. She brought passion, drive and accessibility to BAUN, Mary was known as an inspiring and supportive colleague who mentored many junior nurses throughout her career and campaigned tirelessly for urological patients and nursing. In her presidential term she brought in professional management expertise in the shape of Fitwise to help run the association and oversaw the original BAUN annual conference in Torquay in 1999 which was the first stand alone event not part of the BAUS annual conference. These achievements put BAUN on an independent footing and cemented our status as an independent nursing organization.


Lyn Kirkwood                                                       
2002 – 2004

Lyn ran Urology, continence and stoma services at Westen General Hospital in Weston-super-mare. She represented BAUN on many new initiatives at a national level at the time and was one of the key selection committee for the Action on Urology pilot project as a nurse and BAUN representative. Lyn was the first to move BAUN on to take on a more political role to raise our profile and engage with other bodies to influence urological nursing and make BAUN the voice of urology in the UK   Also, it was during Lyn Kirkwood’s Presidency that the first BAUN guidelines were published. 


Jerome Marley                                                     
2004 – 2006

During Jerome’s time as President, he built on the previous Presidents’ work and continued to push BAUN to the forefront when it came to national and international recognition strengthening the association with the EAUN, SUNA,BAUS and ACA. He instigated the first full blown research study jointly with University of Ulster and BAUN (published in the first IJUN - A baseline description of the research, clinical practice and development needs of urology nurses in the United Kingdom) and secured funds for partial funding of the Eileen O’Hagen award .  Jerome moved the focus of BAUN onto education and research and the launch of the BAUN journal the International Journal of Urology Nursing (IJUN) was the result of his hope to increase knowledge, encourage research, share practice and get nurses publishing! The IJUN celebrates it’s 10th anniversary in 2016.


Tom Ladds                                                           
2006 – 2008

Tom Ladds instigated the move from unincorporated association to limited charitable company even though this status only became official during Lucinda's term of office. Tom contributed significantly to the drawing up of the Memorandum and Articles and he introduced the opportunity for any member of BAUN to stand for President, as a democratic principle, currently continued in the recent redrafting of the Articles and reflecting the principle that BAUN will always have ordinary members who are not on Council who would have the skills and experience to step into a Council role without necessarily having previously served on Council.  Tom also strengthened links with other associations and worked to put BAUN at the forefront when it came to putting together guidelines and policies etc. He continued to strengthen our national and international profile


Lucinda Poulton                                                   
2008 – 2012

Lucinda was a founding council member and the association's first Treasurer and she has been a constant and essential backbone of BAUN. She is the only person to have held all officer positions, guiding BAUN through all it's evolution and development culminating in her 2 terms as President. There have been very few BAUN achievements over the last 20 years which have not been directed, guided or supported by Lucinda in some way. She has devoted extraordinary time, knowledge and skill to BAUN consistently since that first meeting back in 1995 and BAUN would not be the organisation it is without her unparalleled dedication and commitment.


Philippa.jpgPhilippa Aslet                               
2012 – 2014

 Philippa has been a stalwart of BAUN who has supported the organisation for many years and put in many hours of work towards helping us achieve our objectives.  Whatever you throw at her she deals with it with diplomacy and courage. 

She is a vocal and strong advocate for urological nursing and specialist practice. She leads by example and from the front and has been instrumental in raising the profile and standard of specialist urological nursing

During her presidency Philippa instigated and saw through the rewriting of our Memorandum and Articles (M&A’s), which are the ‘rule book’ by which the association is run and which was approved at the AGM last year.  This was a major achievement and the M&As now reflect modern living and working practices, and will serve the organization for many years to come.