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06 March 2012 Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer Study Day


The escaping cells: devastating consequences  
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Philippa Aslet  

Hormone therapy: first line treatment

Mark Johnson  

Metastases & the bone environment  
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Lawrence Drudge Coates  

The management and treatment options for secondary bone disease  
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James Wilson

Management of castrate resistant disease: after first line hormone therapy fails

Rhona McMenemin & Robert Jones


14 March 2012 Benign Prostatic Disease Study Day

9.30 Setting the scene: Overview of prostatic anatomy/structure/function. Defining BPH/BOO which terminology is appropriate, DRE
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Richard Lockyer 
10.00 Nurse Led Prostate Assessment Clinic (flow, scan)
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Theresa Neale
11.00 Medical Management of prostatic obstruction
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Rowland Rees
11.30 Surgical Intervention: GLL verses Traditional TURP/BNI
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Richard Hindley
12.15 Post prostatectomy urinary incontinence and male incontinence Dan Wilby
14.00 The management of Acute and chronic retention of urine: Pros and cons; ISC verus indwelling catheterisation Roisin Hart
14.30 Update on Prostatitis and Treatments Richard Cetti
15.00 Update on Nic LUTS Guidelines Case Studies
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Tracey Rowe