Benefits of Membership

  • Access to professional advice on matters relating to all aspects of urology
  • Reduced annual conference delegate fee for attending conference where members can be updated on recent research and education with a programme choice as well as providing a forum to speak to colleagues in both a business and social setting
  • Sharing of information and knowledge within peer groups with a wide network of contacts working in the same or a related field
  • BAUN Newsletter, published four times per year in January, April, July and October, keeping members informed on issues and events in urology
  • Opportunity for membership to specialist groups within urology e.g. BAUN Benign Section 
  • Opportunity for personal development, by joining project teams whose objective is the production of standard practice documents
  • An opportunity for personal development by joining BAUN Council and help structure the future strategy of the association
  • An opportunity to help with the development of the BAUN web site
  • Access to the International Journal of Urological Nursing. The scope of the journal is to advance the profile of urological nursing in the UK and encourage urology nurses to publish. The journal is truly international with contributors from several countries and therefore an invaluable recourse for urology nurses everywhere.